What Others Say About Rosebell

“Rosebell was able to breathe new life into our company while maintaining the core values which it was founded under. Through her guidance we have not only been able to grow the company by drawing in new clients and hiring a dozen new employees, but she has continuously encouraged us to strive for more in all aspects of our lives. In just a year alone, Rosebell’s partnership has proven to be transformative, inspiring and crucial, providing the much-needed framework responsible for our growth and success!”

Gabi Hengel

“Capstone Medical Billing has truly proven themselves to be an invaluable partner. When they acquired Quick Claimers, we were thrilled because we knew that under the guidance of Rosebell Murigu, our company would flourish. Rosebell's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in transforming our business into an El Paso staple. We are so grateful for Capstone Medical Billing and the positive impact they have had on our success.”

Amber Gonzalez-Perez

“It’s approaching a year since Rosebell Murigu, came into
our world and has changed so much for the better. Her promise is built on stability, transparency, and ethics.

Since her acquisition, we have been extremely impressed
with the expertise and
passion for the company’s growth. It aligns perfectly
with our strategy to expand
our offerings and better serve our customers.

I am grateful for Rosebell’s vision and recognition of the value I’ve brought to my 20 years’ work history with the company. Not only did she award me shares in the company, but she
immediately made me feel
like a true partner in driving
us all forward. I am proud to be part of her team!”

Melissa Vargas